• Arctic Berry Face Oil

Arctic Berry Anti-Ageing Facial Oil 4ml Trial Size


At the heart of Ihana Skincare is our Beri-Activ Antoxidant Complex, a unique blend of seven antioxidant rich Arctic Berry Oils and Extracts. These powerful ingredients work together to fight free radicals, one of the causes of fine lines, wrinkles and other early signs of skin damage.

Our Arctic Berry Anti-Ageing Facial Oil contains those seven oils and extracts in their pure forms, blended together so they work synergistically to provide your skin with a deeply hydrating moisture boost.

This is a trial size version of our Arctic Berry Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, perfect for you to try for a few days to check the suitability with your skin. 

KEY INGREDIENTS: Cloudberry Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Extract, Lingonberry Seed Oil.


1. Cloudberry - Anti-Ageing, Skin Brightening
2. Cranberry - Skin Conditioning and Restructuring
3. Bilberry - Anti-Ageing, Maintains skin elasticity and suppleness
4. Lingonberry - Hydrating, Anti-Ageing, Skin Lightening
5. Raspberry - Anti-inflammatory, UV-B and UV-C Protection
6. Blackcurrrant - Nourishing, Anti-inflammatory
7. Sea Buckthorn - Aids skin cell regeneration

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake gently before use. Apply a few drops to clean skin and massage gently until fully absorbed.

FULL INGREDIENTS: Rubus Chamaemorus (Cloudberry) Seed Oil, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seed Extract, Oxycoccus Palustris (Cranberry) Seed Oil, Ribes Nigrum (Blackcurrant) Seed Oil, Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea (Lingonberry) Seed Oil, Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil.

100% Natural Origin


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