Our Certifications

COSMOS Natural Certified Skincare


All of our products are certified by COSMOS under the COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural standards. COSMOS is the Global Standard for Certification of Cosmetics Products and is administered in the UK by the Soil Association.

What is COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural?

COSMOS operates two standards - COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural. The Organic standard requires that more than 95% of all physically processed agro-ingredients in the product are organic, and at least 20% of the total ingredients are organic. Under the Natural standard products can contain less organic content than this. However, other than the organic percentages, the same criteria apply as to what ingredients can and cannot be used.

Why do some of our products have COSMOS Natural instead of COSMOS Organic certification?

Our Arctic Berry Oils and Arctic Plant Extracts come from plants that grow in the wild, which means that nobody is actually responsible for growing them, other than Mother Nature. This means that no-one can certify that they have been grown to a recognised Organic Standard, so these are classed as non-organic ingredients. As a result some of our products have less than the required 95% organic content, which means we have to use the COSMOS Natural standard. Apart from our non-organic Arctic Berry Oils and Arctic Plant Extracts we use organic ingredients for all our other oils and butters. Our products range from 73% to 94% organic, with the exception of our Anti-Ageing Arctic Berry Facial Oil, which only contains the non-organic Arctic Berry Oils.

What else does COSMOS cover?

Many people think that COSMOS and the Soil Association only worry about the organic content of products, but there is much more to it than that. Every ingredient we use has to be approved by COSMOS, and there is an extensive list of ingredients that we are prohibited from using. 

There are also restrictions on the types of packaging we can use, including restrictions on certain types of plastic and other materials. We also have to have an environmental policy to ensure that we minimise our overall environmental impact. This covers things such as ensuring that we recycle as much as possible, and minimise our waste.

Annual Audit Inspection

COSMOS carry out an annual audit inspection, where they visit our premises and carry out extensive testing to ensure that we meet all of their requirements. This gives you, the customer, an independent check that the products we sell meet their strict quality criteria.

Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free Certified Skincare Products

All of our products carry the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny logo. Cruelty Free International is a global organisation which works to end animal experiments worldwide. They do this by investigating and exposing the reality of life for animals in laboratories and challenging decision-makers to make a positive difference for animals. They also champion better science and cruelty free living.

We work with Cruelty Free International to ensure that none of our products, or their ingredients, are tested on animals. If we would be required to test our products, or the ingredients, on animals to comply with local laws, such as in China, then we would not allow our products to be sold in these countries.